MS Access Developers

Ok. I might not be the worlds best coder and I might not comment all my code but over the years I have designed functions etc that do some pretty cool stuff. Most fellow developers are fascinated by what I get MS Access to do. So in the interest of helping other develop great MS Access Apps I would like to share a few of my gems from time to time. (16/02/2015)

How to write data to an MS Excel Worksheet from within MS Access using VBA Download the ExcelWrite zip file. It contains a Text Document with the code and a sample of the file produced. Obviously there is a lot that happens from within Access. For example there are queries etc that provide the data and then a form I use to gather criteria from the user before the process starts. None the less, I am sure most interested persons will be able to figure out what is happening.
Another Sample of how to Export Data from MS Access to MS Excel. Download the ExcelExportSample zip file. It contains three files. Extract the three files to "C:\Itcan\Excel VBA Export". You may encounter errors if you are using an old version of Excel and/or Access. I am running MS Access 2013 and Excel 2013. Please make sure that in your VBA Editor you have references set to the Excel and Office Object Libraries.
How to Bulk Email Month End statements to Clients Download the BulkMail file. It contains code I found on the net and then added some code of my own to make it all work.