About Us

Itcan Developments has been developing MS Access Database Applications since 2000. We have an international Client Base from small one-man businesses to Universities and Government Departments. Please view our Clients Page for an idea of the Clients we serve and what they think of our products etc.

Our projects include just about every application imaginable, from basic Stock Control and Invoicing Systems to specialist Sensor Monitoring Applications used in the Engineering Industry.

We will gladly assess your current systems, or lack thereof, and provide you with a detailed Design Specification before any costs are incurred. One things for sure, we will do everything we can to help you find the Solution that best suits your requirements.

Russel Wright, the founder and Lead Developer of Itcan Developments, studied through Intec, Technikon SA and UNISA (University of South Africa) for 9 years. During the course of his studies he completed the under mentioned programs, among others.

After 9 Years of Studies he obtained a distinction for just about every examination undertaken and ended with a Grade Average of 82%. His best result obtained was 94% for Visual Basic .Net Programming.

Russel prides himself on being able to come up with designs that deliver the required information in the most user friendly way possible. It often happens that he has to think way outside the box, so to speak, to develop a system that works. If anything has been learned, its that every situation requires a level of uniqueness that cannot be delivered by off-the-shelf software solutions. As a project team we will develop a solution to accommodate your unique situation.