Protecting your Clients data is not a nice to have or unimportant aspect of managing your business.

Virus threats, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware etc are all real threats that may lead to massive data loss and in-turn loss of revenue.

Theft of data is no longer an unimportant issue and you must take steps, as a matter of urgency, to protect your Clients data. This is not because you may lose some valuable information but because somebody might get hold of that information and use it illegally. If they do, and it can be proved that you did not take appropriate steps to protect your client’s data, you may be liable for any loss suffered.

We have been developing software for many years now most of our clients gather information about Clients such as ID Numbers and banking details. Some of those clients make use of our algorithms to encrypt sensitive data and thereby protect their clients.

For example, we take an ID Number from this 6809174052088 and turn it into this #4521@*B97500PQX#!08H# and only our User Interface knows how to unencrypt it. To enhance security, we change the algorithm for every client.
A common scenario we come across are Clients, especially finance people, that love Spreadsheets and they put everything in them and protect it with a password. Little do they know that you can find a password cracker in 5 minutes. To make matters worse, the passwords they use are more often than not very easy to crack even without a cracker. We always inform them of their obligation to protect the data and their response is often negative – they don’t think they need additional protection. On the other hand, the more ethical clients do take steps to protect their data.

What many people fail to understand is that hackers are not only after the data from big companies. They are after data that will help them further their illegal purpose. So…. you may be a small business, like a used car dealer, and you gather information from prospective buyers. That information will certainly include ID Numbers, Contact details and possibly banking details.

Data Protection has become the norm and as a business you have a legal responsibility to protect your Clients information. Its not a choice but a legal obligation – across the board.
At Itcan Developments we have been helping our clients protect their client’s data for more than 5 years. Our methods have been tried and tested and refined. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you protect your client’s data and in so doing protect yourself from potential liability.

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